CachePerf: A Unified Cache Miss Classifier via Hybrid Hardware Sampling



NumaPerf: Predictive NUMA Profiling
Xin Zhao,
Hui Guan,
Wei Wang,
Xu Liu,

ICS 2021.


Watcher: In-Situ Failure Diagnosis for In-Production Software
Xiangyu Zhang,
Jian Huang,

OOPSLA 2020.
Prober: Practically Defending Overflows with Page Protection
Ruiqin Tian,
Bin Ren,

ASE 2020.


CSOD: Context-Sensitive Overflow Detection
Xiaoyin Wang,
Lide Duan,

CGO 2019.


Sampler: PMU-based Sampling to Detect Memory Errors Latent in Production Software
Tong Zhang,
Changhee Jung,
Dongyoon Lee,

Micro 2018.
iReplayer: In-situ and Identical Record-and-Replay for Multithreaded Applications
Wei Wang,
Chen Tian,

Security 2018.
Guarder: A Tunable Secure Allocator
Tianyi Liu,
Zhiqiang Lin,

Security 2018.
A User Space-based Project for Practicing Core Memory Management Concepts
Timothy T. Yuen,
Corey Crosser,
Dakai Zhu,
Turgay Korkmaz,

SIGCSE 2018.


UnDead: Detecting and Tolerating Deadlocks in Production Software
Jinpeng Zhou,
Yan Cai,

ASE 2017.
SyncPerf: Categorizing, Detecting, and Diagnosing Synchronization Performance Bugs
Mohammad Mejbah ul Alam,
Guangming Zeng,
Abdullah Muzahid

EuroSys 2017.
FreeGuard: A Faster Secure Heap Allocator
Corey Crosser,
Zhiqiang Lin,

CCS 2017.


DoubleTake: Fast and Precise Error Detection via Evidence-Based Dynamic Analysis
Charlie Curtsinger,
Emery D. Berger

ICSE 2016.
Cheetah: Detecting False Sharing Efficiently and Effectively
Xu Liu,
Emery D. Berger

CGO 2016.